The work REFLEXIVA is an attempt to emphasize a legacy that belongs to the facade’s identity of this building, in order to avoid that the time erases the collective memory of the city of Oporto, the recognition of this place as the former headquarters of one of the most emblematic newspapers of this city and of Portugal – O Primeiro de Janeiro. As a Journal in the past, its social function was to transfer to paper the daily reflection of the society. In the present, now as ViaCatarina shopping, the function of the building continues to be a mark of the identity of contemporary society, markedly consumerist, reflecting also trends and tastes, fashions and aspirations.

Thus, it seems clear to us that intervening in this type of built heritage could work by deconstructing this message that is underlying and attached to its origin, which is, to work the conceptual component related with mirror reflex. It is simply the reflection of the image of the urban surroundings, or ultimately the interpretation of this message by each spectator before reading this installation as an artistic object.

Beyond this symbolic aspect, this project is associated with the will to develop a piece with a strong formal and visual plasticity, and with an impact in the urban context. A work that could dialogue with the specificity of the place and at the same time be modern and current.

The development of form was the result of an analysis of the Journal as an object made of paper and its plasticity. The materialization of the proposal consists in the modeling of compact polycarbonate crystal plates, with mirrored silver vinyl in one of the faces. Five different modules with different dimensions were developed and distributed on the facade, allowing to create a composite and dynamic visual effect.

The plates are manipulated to take the form of half circles and punctually flat plates are placed, creating a visual effect inspired by the newspaper with open sheets. They are fixed into an existing sheet-holding rail that supports the proposed structure.

In conclusion, the work REFLEXIVA takes advantage of the use of a simple material but with a strong visual component, due to its reflective characteristics, its size and the way the plates are manipulated volumetrically. We believe, therefore, that in addition to the visual impact, the symbolic component will make this work a reflection of modernity, creativity and dynamics (although it is a static structure), in the daily life of the people who frequent the Santa Catarina street.

What we did:

  • Installation


  • Oporto, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • 2017 February / 2017 April


  • Sierra Portugal S.A. | VIArtes'17 competition

A partnership with:

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