Brejos da Carregueira house

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Developing a project for a house whose end is uniquely for vacations, challenged us to develop a spatial and programmatic concept that reflects this specificity. We sought to understand what the qualities of a vacation home could be and we focused on some characteristics that seemed essential to us: an inner spatial organization that allowed a strong coexistence among its users, a very close relation between the social area of the house and its exterior, and an atmosphere that revived the morphology of traditional Portuguese houses in the countryside. Having these in mind, our proposal has resulted in an unusual dialogue between the modern and the traditional.

In the exterior we tried to develop a language that is markedly contemporary, with pure and simple forms, exploring the relation between two rectangular volumes with distinct shapes. These modern volumes, however, conceal an interior that exploits a spatiality that takes advantage of the two-story roofs, so characteristic of traditional country houses. However, despite a modern but elegant language, we have provided the exterior with materials that also explore the more artisan side of the country houses, through the use of wood in the doorways and window frames, as well as of the white ceramic brick. There is a compromise between a traditional and popular architecture and the current paradigm of architecture.

What we did:

  • Architecture, Interior Design


  • Brejos da Carregueira, Alcácer do Sal, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • 2017 October / may 2021

Intervention area:

  • 598 m²


  • Boa Hora, Société Civile Immobilière


  • Fernando Pedreiro, Construção Civil, Lda.