Verdizela house

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The principle of this project is a succession of patios that create and divide different living areas, protected from the surrounding plots, a strong relationship between the interior and the proposed green areas and a strong communication between the two levels of the house – the social floor and the private floor through double height ceilings and generous glazing plans. Volumetrically, we propose a house rich in contrasts, shadows and subtractions. It is through the play of void and full, shadow and light, that results from the various patios proposed and the use of a materials palette – wood, stone, slats and white paint – that we give rhythm to the facades of this house. This is intentionally a house that does not communicate visually with the front of the plot. This non-relation gives it a closed appearance that in any way translates the experience of the house in the back of the plot. Through blind plans, patios, and a careful positioning of glazed plans, we managed to control the use of natural, taking advantage of its sun exposure and the views over the various exterior areas while simultaneously ensuring privacy.

What we did:

  • Architecture, Interior Design


  • Verdizela, Seixal, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • December 2018 / in construction

Project area:

  • 900 m²


  • Private