Quinta do Desembargador house

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The Urban Development of Quinta do Desembargador in Vale Flor – Feijó, is a peculiar development defined by small plots what leads to compact constructions which do not allows great relations with the exterior areas.
It is from the constraints and limitations of some plots that we get the best solutions. It was with this mindset that we embraced this challenge. Bearing in mind the premises that were transmitted to us – regarding the program and spatial language, as well as the solar orientation of the plot and the size limitations -, the concept we adopted takes advantage of the modulation of a compact block, in which a game of voids, both inside and outside, is intended to make the most of the relations between these two domains.
As a result of this approach, we apparently have the illusion that we are facing a “massive” construction but whiles we travel through the house, this idea quickly fades and we are transported to environments of enormous spatial richness, in which solar orientation was preponderant in the formal game.
In the end, the result translates into a building of pure and balanced lines, where an elegant and cost-effective solution was sought. A house that is different from what is found nearby, due to the clarity of shapes and materials, and which will stand out positively due to its strong personality.

What we did:

  • Architecture, Interior Design


  • Almada, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • 2019 January / in construction

Intervention area:

  • 240 m²


  • Private