Quinta do Pedro Manso house

in construction

This is a simple house designed to be in total relation between the interior and its exterior. The challenge was exactly that, designing a house that takes advantage of the existing qualities of its surroundings – the view and the topography – and at the same time, making the most of the sun exposure. Given the characteristics of this plot and the built environment, we feel that the best way to guarantee the best experience of the house would be to look for a configuration that works like a patio house. With its own experiences and very direct relations between the outdoor leisure areas with the interior program of the house, we privilege the intimacy of a patio house and can take advantage of the best solar orientation to the south and west. By this, the main outer area gains a central position in the plot and becomes the aggregating element of the entire program.

The typological layout of the house, an “L” shape, was not easy to solve or a simple decision to take since it was intended to protect the house from the relationship with the public street and neighboring plots, and the distribution of the program would have to take advantage of the north view and solar orientation. The lower body, oriented to the South and West, comprises the social areas in an open space, privileging the central position of the living room and its relationship with the outside through large glazing windows.

Formally, this is a house that stands out as a solid and compact white block, which lands on the ground and is surgically perforated with large negatives. These negatives not only provide light for the interior but also create exterior living areas with proper solar protection. The patio area plays a central role in the dynamics of the house, being a meeting point, where the main outdoor leisure area is located. By extending the house to the side limits of the plot, we achieve a more intimate experience, privileging the use of the interior of the plot to the detriment of the bordering areas leaning against the neighboring plots. The main entrance is marked by the presence of a negative in the volume, covered with wood, creating the necessary protection for those who enter the house.

What we did:

  • Architecture, Interior Design


  • Almada, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • May2018 / in construction

Project area:

  • 414 m²


  • Private


  • Talentembruto, Lda