Alto do Lagoal house

Construction phase

“A pine forest in the middle of the city” was what we felt when we visited this land for the first time. How are we going to develop a project in a place that is both so rich and so technically demanding, without undermining the qualities of the place? Designing a house that dialogues with its surroundings and that takes advantage of it, has been, and is, our main challenge since we embraced this project.

Based on the principle that we want to preserve some of the existing pine trees and take advantage of the rugged topography of the land, we have developed a sheltered house for those who arrive and clearly assumed and full of personality for those who observe it from the lower level of the lot. We can say that it is only by walking through this house that we are able to read it and interpret it. From one side it is practically buried, on the other it jumps on a console, suspended from the ground. This is a house with a very particular type of experience, mainly due to its (positive) characteristics but also because we tried to a very distinct house. This is the Casa no Pinhal.