Saramagal house

building phase

A house located in Odivelas, with Arrábida and Lisbon as a landscape to lose sight of. Volumetrically to the North, this is a shy and reserved house, preserving the intimacy that is lived in the interior. To the South this house opens to its exterior areas in dialogue with them. The white volume that connects the floors and balconies, acts almost as a skin that confers unity and coherence to the volume of the house.

In the back, anthracite color planes are used to emphasize the shadow play and to give greater prominence to the white elements. A set of anthracite vertical blades, give this house a very own identity and are used punctually and at different moments. The support walls and the semi-buried lower floor – that corresponds to the garage floor – are covered with black ceramic bricks, this material visually annuls this floor and release the two noble floors of the house, passing the idea that it is lower.

What we did:

  • Architecture, Interiors, Furniture Design


  • Famões, Odivelas, Portugal

Start / conclusion:

  • 2017 March / building phase

Intervention area:

  • 665 m²


  • Private


  • Paulo M. M. André - Construções, Lda.